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Sign-up page for experiments on learning - part of a program of scientific research directed by Dr. Steven Glautier at the School of Psychology at Southampton University, UK.

Participation is voluntary and involves carrying out a computer-based learning task typically taking up to 25 minutes. Although the task is not particularly difficult you will need to give your full attention - it should be completed in one attempt without any interuptions. You will require a good command of the English language. All participants must be aged between 16 and 65, inclusive. You should watch the introductory video before signing up.

After the experiment is complete you will be provided with some more detailed information about the experiment.

To take part, complete details below and click the "Send" button. An email containing an access code will be sent to the address you provided. The email will also contain some instructions and a web link to the experiment. Please read the instructions carefully and then visit the website to participate. You will need to provide your email address once more and the access code that you were sent. Note, because responses to a task change with experience you can only take part once.

Thank you for your interest in this research. Your participation is very valuable. Data collected during this experiment will be anonymised and held only for the purposes of research. Your email address will only be used for sending experiment details, it will not be passed to any third party.

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