Welcome to VirtualPsycLab!

Here you can find out how to take part in a psychology experiment on human learning

The Sgt PCMan experiment-game is a psychology experiment in a game format

Click on the GO! link below to take you to the sign-up page where you will find out how you can participate in our program of research. But first, view a short (3 min) video to see what the experiment looks like.

Take part in this experiment to:
  • play the Sgt PCMan experiment-game and challenge your game skills
  • learn about some current psychological research; some additional background information will be given at the end
Your participation will:
  • help develop effective treatments for serious problems such as addiction and phobias
  • help develop scientific approaches to understanding human behaviour

The experiment takes the form of a simple game in which you play the part of Sgt PCMan

Sgt PCMan is on a mission to destroy illegal game clones which are being produced in game clone nurseries

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